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houndreds types product as like gck,gcl low voltage draw-out switch cabinet

product overview 

houndreds types product as like gck, gcl low voltage draw-out switch cabinet (pc) by the power distribution center tank and motor control center (mcc) of two parts, is suitable for power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises such as electricity users as ac 50 hz, maximum working voltage 660 v, the maximum working current - 3150 - a power distribution system, as power distribution, motor control and lighting power distribution equipment such as electric energy conversion distribution control. 

this series of products with high breaking capacity, good thermal stability, advanced structure, reasonable, electrical scheme is practical, series, strong commonality, various solutions unit in any combination, a cabinet put oneself in another's position to accommodate the circuit is more, save area, good appearance, high protection grade, safe and reliable, and convenient maintenance. this product it standards, in line with the gb/t7251 "low-voltage complete switch equipment" national standard and zbk36001 standard for low voltage draw-out complete switchgear. 

structural feature 

the basic frame of this series of products for the combination of fabricated structure, frame structure of all components by screw fastening, connected to each other as the basic framework, and then according to the need to add a door, baffle, baffle plate, drawer, mounting bracket and busbar and electrical components and other parts, assembled into a complete switch cabinet, the cabinet has the following characteristics: 

1. the framework uses the special-shaped steel, using three-dimensional plate positioning, bolt connection, no welding structure, so as to avoid the welding deformation and stress, the installation precision is improved. 

2. the framework and parts mounting holes according to the modulus e = 20 mm. 

3. the internal structure are made of galvanized processing, the outside after sulfur cleaning and phosphating treatment, electrostatic epoxy powder coating. 

4. incase, the power center (pc) into the line at the top of the bus for level regions, lower level of busbar area for circuit breaker, the breaker can be configured homebred dw15c, me and other series, can also according to customer's need to configure the foreign electric company production of various kinds of circuit breaker, such as: abb f series circuit breakers, and intelligent circuit breaker, etc.