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5 after-sales services, confidence guarantee

since the establishment of the company, adhering to the principles of "customer first, quality first, and perfect service", we have provided timely and high-quality technical services for each manufactured product.

★ the company has first-class professional and technical personnel. the products are designed and produced strictly in accordance with relevant national standards and technical requirements, and research and development are conducted to ensure that the products can meet the user's requirements.

★ each manufactured product is genuine and conforms to international quality testing standards. detailed technical certificates such as product certificate, national certification certificate, warranty card and instruction manual are provided with the shipment.

★ for the company's product installation and power-on acceptance, according to the customer's situation, provide technical training and on-site guidance free of charge. help customers understand and become familiar with the use of products and maintenance of equipment.

★ the company implements "three guarantees" on the quality of products, and each product is equipped with a warranty card. that is, if the product has quality problems within one year (except for force majeure such as man-made damage or natural disasters), it is responsible for return, replacement, and repair. after the expiration of the warranty period, regardless of whether the purchaser chooses another maintenance supplier, our company will promptly provide the required spare parts at a preferential price.

★ other service commitments: to ensure that the products provided have the service life within the required years of the country under the conditions of correct installation, normal use and maintenance. fully realize the company's quality policy (with the goal of serving customer satisfaction), strengthen quality management, improve the competitiveness of the company in the market, continue to improve customer satisfaction with products in a stable manner, and promptly handle customer comments.

a. make a handling opinion within 20 minutes after receiving the notification, provide 7 * 24 hours of technical consulting services, 7 * 24 hours of fault acceptance services, 7 * 24 hours of on-site support for major failures, and 5 * 8 hours of on-site support. spare parts encountered a major failure and provided any spare parts that the system needed to replace.

b. open the after-sales service phone 24 hours, and provide customers with convenient and faster services in a timely manner on the phone with a sincere attitude and popular language, and provide technical services and on-site guidance to customers within 24 hours.

c. after-sales service contact phone: 0757-85203717 13929074868/13631818460

fax: 0757-85203716