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time:2020-04-02    release:this site

the company's main products are: s11 type, s13 type, sh15 type amorphous alloy 10kv grade oil immersed transformer series; f grade scb11 (10) type epoxy resin casting; h grade insulation sgb11 (10) and scbh15 type amorphous alloy 10kv dry-type transformer series; 10kv american transformer (combined transformer) and european transformer (prefabricated substation); and complete sets of high and low voltage equipment. the above products have passed the inspection of the national high-voltage electrical apparatus quality supervision and inspection center, the power industry electrical equipment quality inspection and test center, the national medium- and low-voltage transmission and distribution equipment quality supervision center, and were selected into the china southern power grid corporation's sunshine e-commerce procurement platform.

sales network throughout the country (guangdong, guangxi, yunnan, guizhou, hainan, jiangxi, hunan, hubei, shandong, shanxi, heilongjiang, xinjiang, wuhan, shanghai, etc.), as well as africa, malaysia and other foreign markets. product sales increase at a rate of 30% to 50% each year.